4th job advancement~!!! <3

Woohoo~! I finally got my BW to level 120 today!!! After a few months of non-stop grinding, I’ve finally reached max level on my CK… TT_TT

Anyway, since I was already level 118 yesterday, I just did RJPQ a couple of times. After that, I was left with only 4% more!!! How cruel… Anyway, since I was at NLC, I trained at the Alien Cogs and Alien Miners that were there during this event. And eventually, I levelled. :D

Erm, so I guess this is where the pain starts. I start off by travelling to El Nath since Neinheart told me to. There, I met Jane, and she asks me to get a Black Scale from Zombies, the heck!? Zombies are about level 130, and she asks me to fight them when I’m level 120!? Well no sweat, got there safely, found a Black Scale within 30 seconds, completed the quest and used a Nearest Town Return Scroll that I bought beforehand to get back to El Nath.

Fine, that’s done. Next? Climbing up Orbis Tower again to get to Spiruna, ugh. After 5 minutes of painful jumping and climbing, I finally got to Orbis! And of course, I went straight to Spiruna. After that, Chief Tatamo in Leafre asks me to meet him, sucks… Travelling to Orbis, El Nath, Orbis again, then Leafre, sigh…

Finally reached Leafre on my wooden airplane~! Once I got there, talked to Chief Tatamo straight away. He asks me to find Nix, which is located right between Manon Forest and Griffey Forest, so off I go. There, he tells me to kill Manon and Griffey. The heck… Now I’ve to wait for them to spawn, painfully kill them just to complete this stupid quest… Anyway, I’ve not yet completed this part since I had no more time. So tomorrow, I am just gonna kill Manon and Griffey!

Wish me luck ;D

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