My first post of my Mapling experience

Hey all, I decided to create a blog to tell all you readers about my Mapling experience! So today, I finally start posting about it.

So, my goal was to get an Ultimate Adventurer (UA) by creating a Cygnus Knight (CK). The CK I chose was the Blaze Wizard (BW) since I didn’t want to be a Dawn Warrior (DW) like everyone else, and wanted to level quickly.

Today, my CK reached level 118 at Lion Heart Castle (LHC)! I was level 115 the day before, and I came to LHC to train since the experience (EXP) there is unbelievably high! I reached level 117 before I knew it but I couldn’t continue training there anymore because all my party members left me. So with 30%, I went to Romeo & Juliet Party Quest (RJPQ) to level up. At the end, I got 70%, with me leaving my party members since they were such idiots.

After that, I went to New Leaf City (NLC) to train. With the event going on now, NLC has been invaded by aliens. The aliens, named Alien Cog and Alien Miner give 3,000 EXP each, plus the spawn was good. There I leveled to level 118, with only 2 more levels to my goal, yes!

Tomorrow, I’m gonna get to level 120! And of course kill the Black Witch and get 10 of those freaking peridots to get my UA! :D

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