Return of the Golden Temple

Hey all, sorry that this post is a bit late, was busy the past few days…

Anyway, we Maplers all-time favorite training place, the Golden Temple has returned!

I trained my Dragon Knight here until level 107, since it has level 20 – level 120 monsters. Wait, what? Level 120 monsters? But the highest leveled monster is Strong Stone Goblin at level 66, what do you mean level 120 monsters? No. Apparently, there is an other side of Golden Temple that is hidden. The other side of the Golden Temple provides leveling from level 70 – level 120. The portal is at a place which people seldom go to.

See that? And if you know Golden Temple well enough, you’ll see that it is right near to the entrance to Ravana. Here’s the portal of the other side.

And also, the mini-maps.

It’s totally the other way around!

And keep in mind, the higher the level of monsters are in the original side, the lower their level in the other side. :P

Good luck leveling! <3

Level 100, already!?

What? Don’t know how I got to level 100 so fast? Easy. Lately, Nexon has been holding a 2x EXP and 3x EXP event every day for a few hours. Just ended today though…

I was actually level 70 at first, then did LPQ a few times. Next day, the event started :D :D :D :D
Totally rushed to level 90 on that day, then level 100 on the next day. I had around at most 9x EXP going! The 3x EXP event, plus the 2x EXP coupon they gave, and lastly my own 1.5x EXP buff, total of 9x EXP! Wow!

Trained at Scorpions and Sand Rats until level 80, got around 4,000 – 6,000 EXP per monster there! Reached level 80 in no time at all, really! Moved on to Roids and Neo Huroids. Around 7,000 – 8,000 EXP per monster there, awesome! Reached level 90 there.

The next day, went to NLC. As I said before, there are aliens at NLC that give 3,000 EXP each time you kill them! So with my 9x EXP, I went there and leveled up like crazy until level 100, with 27,000 EXP per monster. Oh my gosh…

I hope there’ll be another event like this soon, so that I can rush to level 120. XD

3rd job advancement – Progress

As I said in my last post, I have already reached level 70 on my UA Spearman. That means, I can finally advance to 3rd job!

So, I got a light bulb. Turns out it was Dances with Balrog. He tells me to go to El Nath and find the 3rd job instructor for Warriors, Tylus.

So, got to Orbis with my wooden airplane, jumped down Orbis Tower, and reached El Nath. Headed to Chief Residence which is located at the right-side of town to find Tylus. So, I went inside and accepted his quest. His quest was, asking me to go to the Holy Stone and defeat someone. Hmm…

So I went to the Holy Stone which is just at the dangerous parts of El Nath. Talked to it, and it brought me somewhere. I just kept walking to the left and entered the portal that was there.
Inside the portal, I found someone pacing around there. It was… Dances with Balrog!?

Is Dances with Balrog that someone I’m supposed to defeat? Apparently, yes. So, got my buffs ready, went down and brought him down with just Power Strike. Picked up the Black Charm he dropped, and returned to Tylus.

Tylus said that Dances with Balrog was just a copy made by the stones there. Whatever, I don’t give a damn, just advance me. After going through his dialogue, pressed accept, and advanced, yeah! I got me a new skill build. :P

So… Next goal, level 120? Nah. I’m just gonna go with level 90 :D

3rd job advancement

Woohoo~! Got my UA Spearman to level 70 today~!

First, did LPQ 10 times, then went to the Haunted House. There, I killed Twisted Jesters in the Toy Room, which spawns 4 of them every time. Since there was a 2x EXP event, I leveled up there crazily.

In no time, I got to level 70~! Got my gear from the Empress, which is so damn great! And now, it’s job advancement time. I can’t believe time passed so fast just like that. And also, day’s over.

Tomorrow, 3rd job advancement. :D


UA created

As the title suggests, I have already found 10 peridots, completed the quest, and created a UA~!

My UA is a Spearman, since I wanted the Soul Driver skill, and I didn’t want to be a Paladin since there are a lot of them, and not Crusader since I would’ve made a DW instead.

So, okay. Created my UA Spearman, logged off, logged in, entered Spearman, and now what? Painfully adding my Ability Points (AP) and Skill Points (SP)… 200+ for AP and 100+ for SP, oh god… Clicked on my mouse about a 1,000 times just to get them in. And of course, it’s DEXless, since the miss-rate doesn’t depend on DEX anymore, and depends on level.

Yay, leveled up once today by doing Ludibrium Party Quest (LPQ) twice. Soul Driver is fun :P

Hope I can get to level 70 in no time. :D


Today, spent 2 and a half hours hunting for peridots, nothing else. :P

Okay okay, in that 2 and a half hours, I actually found 6 peridots! Only 3 more left~!

Erm, so I don’t have anything else to say since the thing I did today was hunting for peridots.

7 down, 3 more to go. Hope I can find the remaining 3 tomorrow! :D

The Black Witch’s Death

Booyah~! Finally completed my BW’s 4th job advancement~

Apparently, as I said yesterday, I was at the quest where I had to kill Manon and Griffey. Today, I finally found them while changing channels (CC-ing)!!! Died countless times in the fight against Griffey though, luckily I won’t lose any EXP since I’m level 120. :P While fighting Griffey, I figured out that I could push them towards the wall and they won’t attack me, so on my 4th try, I finally defeated Griffey… I used the same strategy on Manon and he died on my 1st try.

After that, Nix told me to go to a place called The Cave of the Black Witch. But, you know what? The Cave of the Black Witch is way out of Leafre, right beside Skelegons! Ugh… Almost died while going there, but reached safely. Got there, told me to go back to Ereve. Sigh… Nexon, I hate travelling, stop making me do so…

Got back to Ereve, talked to Neinheart. He told me to go back to The Cave of the Black Witch! The heck!? Went back there, found Dunamis (Fallen Knight) there, clicked on him, immediately got teleported to Ereve.

Final battle? Final battle. Against the Black Witch! Went through her stupid dialogue, clicked “decline” and battled her. Quite easy, her HP went down to 50% in no time. Avoided her knock-back skill by teleporting backwards. But, died when she used Damage Reflect AFTER I used my Fire Strike. Darn it all… Now I need to go back to that stupid cave again. Got there, got her HP to about 25%, died again… T_T After going there for the 3rd time, I decided to be cautious. Got her HP to about 25% again, but this time, I let Ifrit and Flame Gear do the job. I set up Flame Gear around the map, summoned Ifrit and saw the Black Witch’s HP decrease. Finally, victory!!! Spoke to Shinsoo, received my Captain Knight medal, and Echo of Hero!

Now is where the real pain starts, hunting peridots… I accepted the quest from Cygnus, went back to Leafre AGAIN, started hunting on Harps. After 45 minutes with my Family Buff 1.2x drop rate, got 1, but couldn’t continue after that, had to go.

9 more peridots to go, I will do it~!!!